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Google Earth 3D
This is the coolest product on the list - and it's free!! You just need a computer with an internet connection to download free Google Earth 3D
Google Earth 3D
With Google Earth 5.0 then you can explore Glacier in 3D using satellite images of the park. You can create virtual hikes and see parts of the park which have no trails or roads. This is a really amazing product and you really need to try it out.

Glacier DVD
Glacier DVD
The Glacier DVD takes you to parts of the park rarely seen even by park rangers. And includes beautiful scenery shot in high definition. Many of the parks animals are featured including: mountain goats, bighorn sheep, moose, black bear & grizzlies, and even rare river otters.

The project was created by an amateur photographer who wanted to create something special for people to come to realize how beautiful Glacier National Park is.

All of the profits from the sale of the DVDs go to support to the Glacier National Park Fund.
You can buy the DVD here

Waterproof map of Glacier
Waterproof map of Glacier is great for hikers!

Hiking Glacier and Waterton Lakes National Parks
Hiking Glacier and Waterton Lakes National Parks (rev)
A reliable guide for learning the trails in the park.

Fishing Glacier National Park
Fishing Glacier National Park, 2nd
Easily the best source of information for learning about the best spots to fish in the park.

Climber's Guide to Glacier National Park
Climber's Guide to Glacier National Park
This book will probably be around in 50 years. That´s how good it is. And easily the best book about describing the best routes up most of Glacier´s peaks.

Glacier Pictures Did you know?
June 14, 1914 Lewis Glacier Hotel opens (now known as Lake McDonald Lodge)
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