Glacier National Park - Helicopter Tours

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There are two helicopter companies which have been operating tours over Glacier National Park for years. Each has provided emergency rescue support to the park in years past. They are based out of West Glacier.

I think these two companies do a good job of keeping their distance above the park. It is kind of neat to be standing on top of a mountain as they go by. Still other park visitors are bothered. It is a complicated issue. Helicopter flights over Glacier are not regulated by the park. Many feel that it introduces pollution and noise into a pristine protected area.

For now then Helicopter tours are here. And for those that are interested this is one of best ways to take in the awesome scenery abundant in Glacier. Here are the two recommended operators:
Kruger Helicop-Tours
Kruger Helicop-Tours
$108 and up
(800) 220-6565
Glacier Heli Tours
Glacier Heli Tours
$110 and up
(800) 879-9310
Glacier Pictures Did you know?
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