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The hikers in the park are the people who report on this board. This is not a government sponsored site. If you are a hiker and just made a hike then please help by updating the trail board with your hiking experiences and with the latest hiking conditions at Glacier. You can even upload your own trail pictures.

Every trail featured in the Glacier hiking forum board is colored in on the map below. Blue trails are lower in elevation and snow melts away faster on these trails. Many of the lower elevation trails are generally open by May. Red trails are higher elevation trails which can be clogged with snow well into July. To see the details of any particular trail on the Glacier hiking forum board simply click on the appropriate area in the map.



Glacier National Park
Glacier National Park
North Fork
North Fork
Many Glacier
Many Glacier
Lake McDonald
Lake McDonald
St. Mary & Two Medicine
St. Mary & Two Medicine
St. Mary & Two Medicine
glacier national park
Blue trails open usually by may     Red trails usually open in july     Orange boundaries for the parts in the map  

Scenic Point - A popular trail starting near the Two Medicine area. The hike to scenic point is about 3 miles. A lingering snow bank near the end can be dangerous for inexperienced snowpack travelers. Nice views are found along the trail.
Hiker Comments {2}

Snow cover: 0% Trees down: 0 Trail clear is clear. 7/21/09 per 224 Wilson
July 28, 2009

NPS report: Few patches of snow in trees heading up ridge, then the snow in the couloir is still present near the top before Scenic Point, but can be hiked above the snow field. 5/27/09 per 524 E
June 4, 2009

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Landmarks in St. Mary & Two Medicine
1 Atlantic Creek CG
2 Cobalt Lake
3 Dawson Pass
4 Firebrand Pass
5 Florence Falls Trail
6 Gunsight Lake
29 Lena Lake
7 Medicine Grizzly Lake
8 Morning Star Lake
9 Pitamakan Pass
10 Red Eagle Lake
11 Scenic Point
12 St. Mary Lake
13 Triple Divide Pass
14 Two Medicine Lake
15 Two Medicine Pass
16 Upper Two Medicine Lake
17 Virginia Falls
Glacier Pictures Did you know?
Did you know that some alpine plants can live to be more than a hundred years old, despite living in harsh weather conditions?
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